Mediaplex International and its affiliates have been the leading entertainment service provider in the premium content sourcing from all around the world for more than 25 years. Mediaplex has set up a cutting-edge studio with professional, quality and experienced translation and narration teams. In addition, Mediaplex offers premium content services ranging from video on demand under the “DOONEE” brand to the satellite television. Mediaplex is well-equipped to supply the quality content to leading television channels as well as to provide various entertainment platforms to ensure the country-wide coverage.


With the fast pace of entertainment industry growth, as the leading content aggregator in the country, Mediaplex has taken on board the premium content delivery from all over the world stretching from movies, series, documentaries, and animations to ensure that the quality and wide variation of consumer preference at the country level is met.

Localization Service

With Over 30 years of professional and experienced translation and narration teams, Mediaplex localizes international contents through the voice over narration, translation and subtitle services with high quality equipment accommodating various systems inclusive of HD, 4K, Broadcaster and Platforms across the country.

Over 60

30 national popular
voice talent

10 Fully equipped
dubbing studios

200 hours per month
of dubbing capacity

Proven expertise with
20 crew members

Dubbing Services

30 national popular voice

Highly praised voice-overs team
for its best voice over talent in
the country

Proven records of professional
voice-overs services in
documentaries, series,
animations and variety shows

10 Fully equipped voice-overs
recording studios

Subtitle Services

Over 10 years of experience and
5,000 hours in professional
subtitling services to world
renowned series from various
leading studios across the globe

Top-notch translators
Localization not just translation

Well-seasoned quality control
team to ensure the best quality
product prior to the national
media dissemination

Access Service

Our localization service includes :
Closed Caption and Audio Description

Access to media through closed captioning
services is an important part of inclusion
for these individuals and is beginning to
be treated as a tbasic human right by
media regulators worldwide.


Name : Piya Chamnankij

Voice : Tony Stark (IRON MAN)
Dr. Watson (Sherlock Holmes)
James Bond (Die Another Day)

Name : Angkana Parnprathep

Voice : Trudy Chacon (Avatar)
Ben Teneson (Ben 10 Anime)
Susan Pevensie (Narnia)

Name : Sangwan Thephassadin Na Ayudhaya

Voice : Ikkyu-San (Ikkyu-San Anime)
Chibi Maruko-Chan (Maruko-Chan Anime)
Natalia Bao Vista (CSI: Miami)

Name : Ekachai Pongsamai

Voice : Sentinel Prime (Transformer 3)
Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter)
Roronoa Solo (One Piece: Anime)

Name : Somporn Auamjaiboon

Voice : Brian O'Conner (Fast & Furious)
Steve Rogers (Captain America)
Jack Driscoll (King Kong)

Name : Chidchanok Yamma

Voice : Gwen Stacy (Spider Man III)
Natasha Romanoff (Iron Man II)
Diana (Wonder Woman)

Name : Nalinee Cheewasakorn

Voice : Nell Jones (NCIS: Los Angeles 1-6)
Alexx Woods (CSI: Miami 4-5)
Elise Wassermann (The Tunnel)

Name : Pichapop Pattarakolniyom

Voice : Ethan Hunt (Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol)
John Harrison (Star Trek Into Darkness)
Jack Harper (Oblivion)
Satellite TV/IPTV

Media TV Channel Fantastic action films with unlimited enjoyment including crime, adventure, horror, sport shows, etc. are available for those audience who love extreme entertainment.

Mangorn Channel Get Ready!!! Exceptional Chinese films performed by many popular actors with various genres of the films. Find the best Chinese films here!!

“TOONEE” “FUN SPACE” 24/7 New Pre-School kids Channel Pack Of Greatest Animated Series Of All Times Let’s get fun & learning together! Stay tune with Premium Animated series & Edutainment programs

ATTV Channel Full kinds of entertainment shows are available on ATTV, one of the most popular movie channels in Thailand based on large amount of customers. ATTV Channel is available IPTV and Application as below:

Video On Demand

DOONEE is a Subscription Video on Demand service, providing premium content from around the world including movies, series, documentary, animation, and variety shows and serving the subscribers great experience right to their fingers. Premium content -on-the-go can be accessed anywhere anytime. www.DOONEE.com





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